Transmission repairs are warranted by accidental damage or wear over time. Considering that the transmission has a lot of movable parts and is always working when the car is in motion, transmission repairs are to be expected occasionally. The best option is to get your car's transmission checked immediately you detect a problem. After careful diagnosis, your automatic transmission mechanic may carry out these services.

Transmission fluid change

The transmission fluid cools the moving parts in the gearbox to avoid heating. It also washes any pieces of debris that may be present in the system. If your transmission is overheating, a transmission fluid change is carried out to avoid damage to the gears and the entire transmission system.

A transmission fluid change is also important to ensure your gears shift accordingly. This can help eliminate slipping and any noises coming from your transmission when shifting. The oil pan will also be cleaned and the filter changed to ensure the new fluid isn't contaminated.

Gasket change

If your transmission is losing its fluid even after a change, you may have a leak. This can be checked through a dipstick or checking for leaks under the car. If your car has a leak, the most common reason is a loose or worn out gasket. Your mechanic will open the pan on the underside of your transmission, remove the old gasket and fit a new one to ensure a tight seal of your gearbox casing. This should prevent further leaks and ensure better transmission in future.

Testing faulty gear transmission

With automatic vehicles, an onboard computer is responsible for the shifting process. The computer decides the best gear based on your engine's RPM. A diagnosis test is carried out to detect the exact problem in your transmission. Common transmission errors are caused by bad sensors, faulty solenoids and synchronizers.

Once replaced, your mechanic will test your transmission again to ensure the right communication is being delivered from the computer. If the onboard computer itself is faulty, your mechanic will reset it to clear any errors and allow for better shifting.


If your transmission is in need of internal repairs, a rebuild service will be required. Rebuilds are rarely required and are only carried out when major damage has occurred such as worn out gears. A rebuild service can also be carried out to repair the torque converter, clutches and bands.

During a rebuild, the transmission is opened, disintegrated and then put back together as it should be with worn parts replaced and bad connections realigned. It's an expensive process but one that gives your transmission a new lease on life and averts transmission problems for a long time to come.

Giving your car a regular transmission service can help avert major problems and save you money. If you detect a problem such as a grinding noise, slipping or a dashboard warning, get your transmission checked immediately. Nearby services such as Western Suburbs Automatics should be able to help.