The exhaust system is an important module because it facilitates the removal of combustion gases formed in the engine. This component can affect the vehicle's performance, therefore it is crucial to assess its efficiency. In simple terms, the engine requires fresh air for combustion of the fuel to produce power. If the exhaust component is inefficient, it will not expel the old fumes quickly. Consequently, the engine will not be able to 'breathe' in enough air for optimal internal combustion. There are different types of exhaust systems in the market with varying levels of efficiency. Here is a description of your best upgrade options if you are displeased with the performance of your current exhaust system.

Dual Rear Exhaust

The standard exhaust system in vehicles is the single-exit pipe. It is favoured by manufacturers because the design is simple, which means that the module is easy to fabricate and install. Unfortunately, it is not an efficient choice because the channel has to handle large volumes of fumes. If you want a relatively simple upgrade, consider installing a dual-rear exhaust system. As implied, this consists of two pipes which can be seen under the back bumper on opposite sides. This type of system is more efficient than the single alternative, so it will improve the vehicle's performance. It also improves the aesthetics of the vehicle by enhancing the appearance and sound. Additionally, there is a dual exhaust variant known as the dual-side exhaust which consists of two pipes on the same car side.

High Performance Exhaust

High performance exhaust systems are specifically designed to increase the power of the vehicle significantly. These are not installed as standard components in vehicles so they are treated as aftermarket parts. A wide exhaust pipe is used to reduce the backpressure on the engine and remove more gases. Moreover, the systems are built with high-quality materials like stainless steel and advanced mufflers for better sound. If you are interested in a real exhaust upgrade, this is the most ideal choice because it is very efficient in expelling the engine fumes. You can choose to purchase a ready-made high performance exhaust system, but custom fabrication will offer more options.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

The opposite dual exhaust system is designed in the same style as the dual rear alternative. However, this type is fabricated with an extra bend such that it wraps around the wheels when installed. This allows the fumes to be filtered more thoroughly. It is an ideal choice for vehicles that tow because the system will not leave residue.

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