During the course of a day, a driver might be required to drive under extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain. It is only logical that the car, in general, and the tyres, specifically, go through numerous demanding situations. As a consequence, regular check and proper maintenance are of paramount importance to a safe driving experience.

1. Factors to keep in check for your safety

If you think about it, the tyres are the only thing that keep the car and the road connected. Therefore, this link needs to be as safe as possible. The safety factor includes several subcategories.

Tyre Inflation

Both under-inflated and over-inflated tyres can lead to numerous issues. Specifically, your safety can be seriously compromised when you attempt to handle a tricky manoeuvre or when you brake. Consequently, the tyres need to be properly inflated so that further accidents are prevented.

Apart from your safety, tyres' improper inflation can also affect your pocket. To be exact, tyres which are under-inflated are prone to consume more fuel in order to keep up with the increased rolling resistance. In other words, the engine demands more power to move the vehicle. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres affect the vehicle's performance negatively since a smaller amount of tyre surface is touching the ground. As a consequence, fuel consumption is irregular leading to further motor problems.

Avoid Overload

Each tyre type is designed to handle a certain amount of load. In cases when this load limit is exceeded, tyres tend to overheat due to the excessive friction. Such practice can readily result in unexpected tyre wear-out while on the go.

Speed and Tyre Lifespan

It has been reported that that excessive high speeds lead to rubber corruption and, consequently, loss of the vehicle control. As a result, it is advised for drivers to avoid reaching high speeds continously since such speeds are bound to wear out the tyres of a vehicle. In its turn, this wear out can lead to potential car accidents.

2. Detecting Tyre Malfunction

You might not know it, but your tyres give you signs that they are in need of maintenance. So, the next time you experience the following while driving, you'd better pay a visit to a car servicing specialist soon. To begin with, it is a clear sign of improper tyre inflation when the vehicle moves towards either the left or the right side of the road once you let go of the wheel. It might be an alignment issue, but you'd better be safe than sorry. Another sign of defective tyre function is when the tread centre is smooth. This is a solid sign of inflation malfunction which can derive from a hole on the tyre.