Moving house can be a stressful experience! Especially if you are not well prepared. Most people assume that the brunt of the work lies with packing. Although this in its own is a task, transporting your belongings from one location to the next is what is most important. However, if you get the right moving truck rental, you could decrease the amount of stress of the entire experience.

Once you have a shortlist of the different companies that you are contemplating, there are several things to look out for that could help you in making the best decision for your needs. This will also provide you with an overall pleasant moving experience.

Enquire about the different sizes of moving truck rentals they have

A professional company should have a range of sizes to choose from when you are looking to hire one of their tucks. Before you select one, you need to establish how much stuff you will be moving. Smaller trucks may have a cheaper price tag to rent out but they also may not be able to carry all your stuff in one trip.

A common mistake homeowners make is underestimating the amount of stuff they own. You may think they will all fit in a small truck when you only assess the large stuff you need to carry around for instance beds, fridge, furniture and all. Nevertheless, if you factor in clothes and all the other smaller things that you have accumulated over the years, you could actually need a bigger truck.

Alternatively, you could choose to rent out a small truck and opt to transport the other stuff through private means such as your car.

Establish if you will be renting the truck one-way

Most homeowners overlook whether they will be renting the moving truck one-way or both ways. Some companies may provide you with a truck one-way. However, this may also mean that you pay them to load the vehicle and transport your belongings for you.

Other companies may give you the option of driving the moving truck rental on your own. This means you will also be responsible for loading and unloading the vehicle. Additionally, you will also be expected to return the truck once you are done thus you will have paid for a return trip. If you have several errands to run with the truck such as picking up new furniture on the way, you may want to consider a return trip truck rather than a one-way option.

Learn more about your options by talking to rental companies such as Delta Car & Truck Rentals.