If you are trying to choose a metal fabricator, there are multiple factors you should consider such as experience and customer reviews. However, you also want to look for a fabricator that offers the services you need. While all metal fabricators cut metal to size, some offer additional services as well. Take a look at some of the services you may want to look for:

1. Machining

Machining is offered by many metal fabricators. This process also refers to cutting metal, but typically machining is saved for smaller, more precise metal parts. As a result, if you have a range of metal fabrication needs, you may want to select a fabricator who also does machining, as they can help you with everything from small metal parts to large pieces of sheet metal.

2. Molding or Casting

Rather than just working with sheet metal, some fabricators can cast metal for you. This process involves setting up a mold, pouring molten metal into it and then waiting for the metal to set. It's a great way to get unique shapes of metal for your project.

3. Metal Stamping

If you tend to create pieces of metal that you want marked with your logo, your company name, or any other decorative embellishments, you may also want to select a fabricator who offers stamping. This process involves placing the metal into a stamping press which uses dies to create shapes or stamps in the metal.

4. Welding

Welding is a fairly common offering at most metal fabrication shops, and it can be essential for some metal designs. In particular, if the fabricator cannot make the type of metal you want out of a single piece, he or she may need to weld the pieces together. When choosing a fabricator, talk with them about their experience welding and what type of welding they offer. If you like, you may also want to look into the other methods the fabricator uses to put together pieces of metal. For example, some fabricators use a process called crimping, and you may want that available from the company with which you decide to work.

5. Coating

Finally, consider exactly what you want the metal to be like when it's done. In particular, if you are likely to want a coating for rust resistance, decoration or any other reason, you need to choose a fabricator that offers coating services. Even if you don't want coating on your existing project, it's great to have it as an option for future projects.

Need more help choosing a metal fabricator? Contact one directly to hear more about what these companies offer.