A diesel engine is usually chosen for its overall strength; it's typically found in heavy-duty cars and trucks and any vehicle that will be towing or pulling any type of load. However, this is not the only time when diesel may be the better option for your vehicle's engine. If you're looking at new vehicles and don't assume you need a diesel engine because you don't necessarily tow or pull anything behind you, consider some other factors that might make diesel the better choice.

Resale value

You may not be doing any towing with your truck or car in the future, but would future car buyers prefer a diesel engine in your vehicle in particular? For example, you might be considering an SUV just for the interior room, but a future car buyer might want this type of vehicle for towing a caravan for family vacations. Check on the resale value of your preference and note the difference between a diesel engine and standard petrol engine and how these affect its value.


Diesel engines emit less CO2 than standard petrol engines. You may be concerned about how CO2 affects the environment, but note that in some areas, car taxes or road taxes are sometimes based on the overall emissions produced by an engine. You might check with your local department of motor vehicles and note if the taxes you would pay on the vehicle, fees for renewing your registration, or any other such costs would be affected by the emissions produced by your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle's weight and other such factors, a diesel engine may mean lower road taxes for the life of your vehicle ownership.

Your driving habits

A diesel engine may need to work less strenuously during highway driving than a petrol engine. If you drive on the freeway quite often, this can mean better fuel economy with a diesel engine.

Consider, too, if you do any off-roading with your vehicle. You may not think of the strength of a diesel engine when you're simply driving on a beach or along the outback or other such rough terrain, but if your vehicle gets stuck, you may need a more powerful engine to pull it out from sand, mud, and the like. Investing in a diesel engine for a vehicle you take off-roading, even on occasion, can keep you safe and help you forego the need for a tow truck to drag the vehicle back to solid ground.