When you buy a new car you may note that the dealer gives you what is called a log book, which is a list of needed service and maintenance for your car. The log book will note when these services should be performed and will also give you room to record when it has been done, along with the name and even the signature of the mechanic who performs this service.

Following needed log book servicing may seem unnecessary for a new car owner, but there are many advantages to following the service noted in this book and keeping it filled in. Note a few of those advantages here.

1. Your warranty may require it

A new car usually comes with some type of warranty, at least for the major components of the car. This often includes the engine, transmission, radiator, and so on. Very often this warranty is only in effect if you service and maintain your car as directed in the log book. You may also need to have proper notations in the log book to show that you've maintained your car as directed in order for the warranty to cover certain repairs. To avoid having to pay for repairs or replacement of certain parts that would otherwise by covered by your warranty, be sure you're following the log book as needed.

2. You may overlook certain maintenance work, leading to larger repair bills down the road

Many car owners overlook certain routine maintenance work on their car, waiting for parts to actually break down before they have them replaced or repaired. For example, they may not think of replacing brake pads until they get so thin that they slip out of place or outright fail. However, ignoring routine maintenance can mean causing more damage to your car and facing larger repair bills down the road. Those thin brake pads can ruin the rotors and calipers if not replaced regularly. To avoid repair bills like this, follow the needed log book servicing.

3. Your car may resell easier

When you're ready to resell your car or trade it in for another one, you may get more prospective buyers and be able to ask a higher price if your log book servicing has been done. This is proof that you've maintained your car over the years so it's more likely to be in good repair and work well for a new owner.

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