A car's differential system (diff) is responsible for relaying torque from the engine and transmission to the wheels. It regulates the amount of power getting to the wheels and helps with cornering and torque adjustment. For such as important role, the diff needs crucial service maintenance and regular repairs. Below, find a detailed description that will help you understand the type of work needed on your diff.

Diff housing & axle straightening

Due to accidental damage or regular mechanical work, the diff housing can get bent. When this happens, the axles get bent too. This has the domino effect or misaligning the wheels, a scenario that can affect your car's cornering and its high-speed handling. It can also bring about pre-mature tyre wear. To remedy this, the diff housing needs straightening to allow flexible room for the axles. The axles too also need straightening if the diff is bent. Doing so reduces friction between the diff and the axles, preventing loss of power and allowing for smoother driving.

Ratio changes

If you have had any modifications done to the engine or transmission, the power being produced by your car may become incompatible with the gear setup in the diff. For example, if you have increased your car's horsepower, the change may fail to materialize fully when driving because your diff is still tailored to your previous power levels. As such ratio changes are required by fitting the right size gears in the diff to allow your car's wheels to turn faster or slower relative to your engines RPMs.

Rebuilds /reconditioning

Over time, your diff may get damaged due to insufficient cooling, inadequate lubrication or accidental damage. When this happens, a rebuild is required. This is where the entire differential system is opened and taken apart. The worn parts are then replaced with new OEM parts and the unit is carefully re-assembled and tested. A rebuild gives your diff a new lease on life and is a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire unit.

The reconditioning process may also entail carrying out modifications such as shortening or lengthening the axles and drive shaft, lapping the gears or facing the casing to ensure a better fit and improved mechanical function of the diff.

In addition to the above, remember you can also modify your diff to allow better cornering, more torque, faster speed conversions or better off-road driving. Talk to a diff expert like Gearbox Express and find out how you can improve your car's performance by tweaking its differential.