A good number of industries will require to transport heavy cargo whether locally or internationally to ensure the smooth running of their business. This could be in the form of materials used in the manufacture of their products or exporting of their finished products. This transport of cargo en masse is referred to as heavy haulage. Typically, most businesses will outsource their heavy haulage needs to a place like Russell Transport rather than provide transport on their own. This is because the companies that focus on this will have the right equipment and trained staff for the job. However, if you are new to heavy haulage, it is not advisable to select the first company that you find that deals with transportation of cargo. There are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure that your goods will be in safe hands. Here are some of the considerations when selecting a heavy haulage company.

Does your cargo require special handling?

Different types of goods will have their own specific handling needs. For instance, perishables may need to be transported in a climate-controlled environment to ensure they arrive in one piece. Other goods, such as chemicals or fertilizers, will require proper handling to avoid accidental ingestion or pollution. Before you make a decision on a heavy haulage company, you need to establish what measures they have in place to ensure the correct handling of your goods. You should also inquire about the equipment they have at hand to ensure your special considerations will be met. Lastly, ask about any experience the staff may have with handling your goods. In general, it is always best to select a company that has prior expertise with dealing with your specific type of cargo.

Does your cargo have a strict schedule?

This is especially pertinent if you are dealing with a heavy haulage company that specifically deals with road transport. When it comes to airfreight, there is typically a set schedule to follow. Thus, you can rest assured that on most occasions your goods will arrive on schedule. Unless there are extreme weather conditions. When it comes to road transport, some companies may not see a problem with making stops along the way to pick up other cargo for their heavy haulage. If your goods are not time sensitive, then this may not be an issue as long as they reach their destination in one piece. However, if you need your cargo to be transported directly with no stops, this is something you would have to look into beforehand.