When you get into a small collision or a shopping cart hits your vehicle as it rolls through the parking lot, it may cause a small dent in your car door. While you can bring your car to an auto body repair shop for a quick fix, it might be small and shallow enough to fix yourself. Here are some different methods to try on your own before you get help from a professional. 

Dry Ice

The first method you can try for removing dents is with dry ice. Like all of these methods, this is ideal if the dent is small and shallow. Large dents often need a professional to remove them without causing more damage to your vehicle. Wear some gloves on your hands and pick up a piece of dry ice. Press it against the dent on the car door, holding it for several seconds. Remove the ice, then place it back on the dent for another few seconds. Continue doing this until the dent starts to lift on its own.

Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

This is another option that uses items you might already have at home. With this method, you are going to use heat instead of cold to try and coax the dent out. Start by plugging your hair dryer into an extension cord and turning it on high. Point it at the dent, but don't actually touch the car or dent with the hair dryer. Do this for several seconds to let it heat up the dent. Now turn off the dryer and switch to the can of compressed air. Spray the air onto the dent, and wait for the dent to pop. If it doesn't work, repeat it a few more times.


Believe it or not, a regular rubber plunger works with very small dents. It must be shallow and not have a severe crease to work. This can only be done on metal and aluminum surfaces. Most car doors are made of metal, so it may work if the dent is small enough. To use the plunger, get the edge of the rubber wet, the put it directly over the dent. Press down gently on the handle until it pushes against the dent, then pull it back, just like you would if you were plunging the plumbing fixtures in your home. Do this a few times and see if the dent pops out. If not, you will need to try one of the other methods.