When you go caravanning, you may not always be staying in or touring an area with decent places to eat out, or you may prefer to make your own meals at least some of the time. However, caravan kitchens tend to be compact, so making sure you have the appliances you need to enable you to cook meals can be a challenge. You can't simply take your kettle or toaster from your home kitchen with you as caravan sites typically have a restricted electricity supply. You'll need low wattage or gas appliances for your caravan kitchen, and you should opt for space-saving, multipurpose appliances to make the most of the kitchen area. Here's an overview of three appliances every caravan kitchen should have:

Sink And Single Burner Combo

Sink and single burner combo units give you a place to wash your hands, dishes and produce and a gas ring to make a pot of soup, heat some beans or boil water for your morning cup of java. Why is this appliance space-saving? Well, the sink has a lid that's attached with a hinge, and the gas burner is on the underside of the sink lid. You open the sink lid to use the gas burner, so you're not taking up valuable kitchen counter space by installing a fixed gas burner or electric hob.

Mini Oven

A compact, single shelf oven that can be stored away when not in use gives you the ability to cook and reheat a wide variety of food. If you don't have any kitchen counter space, you can plug this oven in anywhere else in your caravan, and most models come with a timer and heat resistant exterior. Use the oven to reheat meals you made at home and brought with you, cook a pizza, roast vegetables or bake a cake with the kids on a rainy day.


A small griddle can be stored on top of a cupboard when not in use and allows you to serve a cooked breakfast, such as bacon and eggs, or make a batch of pancakes to take with you when you go out for the day. If you plug the griddle into an extension socket, you can use it outside on a warm day, so there's no need to take a barbecue for your burgers or veggie kebab skewers.

These are just a few caravan appliances that will save you space while providing you with the comforts of home. Your local caravan supply store can recommend appliances based on your individual needs, so pay them a visit before your next holiday.