Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of modern life, and they can lead to everything from a bit of damage to your car to loss of life. Therefore, being aware of the most common reasons that car accidents happen is important so that you can do everything in your power to make sure they don't happen to you. Read on for 3 of the most common reasons why car accidents happen and what you can do to avoid them.


This one is worth mentioning first as it's so prevalent on the roads and is one of the top reasons why people lose their lives in car crashes.  A road safety study carried out in New South Wales in 2012 found that between October 2011 and October 2012, speed was a factor in 39% fatalities.

It's tempting to break the speed limit if you're running a bit late, but it's simply not worth the risk to you or to your fellow motorists. Be safe and slow down.


If you've ever hydroplaned in your car, you know how scary it can be. Hydroplaning can happen whether you're driving in rain or if you're simply driving through standing water on the road. It happens when a tyre encounters more water than it can discard. Water is pushed under the tyre by water pressure in front of the wheel, causing the tyre to lose traction on the road surface. As a result, there is a loss of braking, steering, and power control.

To prevent hydroplaning from happening, it's important to slow down when it's wet. Also, make sure you get your tyres checked regularly; if your tyres have threads that are worn down, you are much more likely to hydroplane as the threads are designed to channel water from beneath the tyre.

Rear-end collisions

Rear-ending happens when a vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it and, though sometimes little damage is caused, often it leads to whiplash that can have long-term affects for the sufferer. Many rear-end accidents are caused by drivers who are not paying attention to the road, usually because they are involved in another activity while driving, such as talking on their phone or searching for a radio station. But if you want to avoid rear-end crashes, it's important to be fully focused on the road ahead at all times. 

Make sure you pay attention to motorists behind you as well, and never brake just because someone is too close to you and you want to scare them off. This can easily lead to a collision. Instead, wait until it's safe, then pull to the side and let them past. 

Follow these tips and drive safely and carefully at all times and you're far less likely to get into an accident.