If you have an automatic transmission, you might not pay much attention to it unless you deal with severe issues. However, by this point, you are already at risk of replacing it, which is a very expensive repair. To prevent this from happening, follow these easy tips for prolonging the life of your transmission.

Keep an Eye On the Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is a lot more important than you might think, and just as important as your water and oil. Make sure you are checking the fluid regularly, including the levels and the condition. If the transmission fluid turns from a pink or red colour to a cloudy brown colour, it probably needs to be flushed and replaced. On the other hand, if you notice it looks fine, but the level seems to be going down rapidly, you probably have a leak somewhere. Make sure you tend to any potential leaks or other problems with the fluid before it turns into a more serious problem.

Have the Cooling System Inspected

The cooling system in your car is not just important for the engine, but for the transmission as well. It helps to keep the transmission cool, since heat can be very bad for it. You will need to make sure the cooling system is always in good condition by checking the radiator for cracks and the hoses for any potential holes or cracks. Also make sure the thermostat is working and that there is an adequate amount of water and antifreeze. If you have issues with the cooling system, have them fixed right away before it affects your transmission.

Be Easy On the Car When Its Cold

Most automatic transmissions need a few minutes before they heat up to the desired temperature. Try to sit in your car while it heats up for several minutes before you start to drive. If you can't do that, at least drive slowly and cautiously during those first few minutes while the transmission heats up. This can help protect the transmission and avoid premature issues with it.

Get Your Car Serviced

Having your car serviced with a tune-up and inspection is something you need to do for the transmission and other parts of the car. These inspections are important for letting the various components last longer and looking for potential repairs that need to be done. Bring your car for servicing on a routine basis, making sure they look over the transmission thoroughly.